Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caroga Lake Highballin'

This weekend marked the 7th annual Memorial Day Trip up to the north country near Whiteface Mountain to camp, fish, canoe, and naturally Rock Climb.  Mother nature was against us the entire duration of the trip.  It stormed every day we were there (Friday-Monday), the Ausable River was at record levels making the trout fishing non-existant.  No fish were pulled from the river this year, that is a first for our camping group.  I was able to make it to McKenzie Pond for two hours on Sunday to find everything soaking wet, it was nearly 80 degrees outside, 90% humidity, and the bugs loved the way I tasted that day.  I was able to repeat the notorious "Flux Capacitor" to the upper jugs (with only one pad, no spotters, and an extremely low psych level, I wasn't about to try and top the problem out).  I will post some video up later this week.

All of these poor conditions from the weekend  forced a resurrgence of psych, thankfully I stumbled upon some of these older highball bouldering photos from the Caroga Lake region....ENJOY


  1. Time for the command center to make a trip to VT - do a little climbing and some push ups!

    You are always welcome!

    PmK HaTeR

  2. I can't wait to get back to some of those demons I left in the VT woods. I will talk to with Murph to see what his new work schedule will allow for a weekend get-a-way to meet up with you guys...PSYCHED!

  3. Rumor has it, Buzzy found a gold mine in Old Forge. Can any one confirm this?

    Bob Feta

  4. Buzz and Fran have taken some interest in the boulders around Flatrock Mtn. I am under the impression they are the same boulders that Neil K. has frequented recently. Adirondackrock.com has some updates in the "Goodies" section- New routes for beta on location and established problems. Get out there and check them out, I am looking forward to it!