Sunday, June 5, 2011

Visitors from Vermont...

Previous weekend climbing plans were changed last minute when I recieved a text message from a good friend I hadn't had the chance to climb with in months.  The notorious duo (Strazz and the Pumps herslf) from Bolton VT wanted to check out all of the hype in Pottersville before a departure to the "land down under". News of their anticipated visit was so electrifying that it even peaked the interest of one of the adirondacks most elusive bouldering strongmen who also made the trek to scope out potential problems, decyfer beta, keep everyone psyched, and ration some sweet, sweet baked goods.

Great session guys, looking forward to the next one already!  Here are some photos from the day.

"The Goblet of Fire"
Pictured above are the dangeous duo from VT and one of the most elusive Adk bouldering hardmen.  Being able to capture all three of these notorious Adk climbers in a single picture was quite an honor.  I debated having a viewing fee on this still image, but decided that everyone deserves to witness this greatness first hand.
 Pumpkin on "The Seeker"
 Strazza on the sandbagged "Truffle Shuffle" arete
  Me trying to wrap up "The Golden Snitch"


  1. Holy chisel Jonathan P strazzza

  2. snitch is one of the must do problems the crimps are super dope

  3. I must say, I am looking a tad tubby in those photos - must get on the kid diet.

    Nice post Jut