Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend Plans...

Hopefully the forcasted rain for the remainder of this week doesn't affect the routes at Otter Lake.  I am pretty excited to leave the crash pads at home and tie into the sharp end on some of the routes I developed last spring/summer with some friends.

 Also, cannot wait to get back on this boulder problem that sits at the base of the Otter Lake Cliff!  It hasn't seen any action (that I know of ) since I put the line up last year.  It is a quality boulder problem in my opinion and worth carrying the crash pads into the crag as well.


  1. Im such a dork lol... nice send

  2. Ron how you been hope you are still getting out great sends at snowy last session I just say the vids Jut put up.Jut thanks alot to for the consistant posts.Peace Otter looks great Ron give me a call if you venture back this way to visit