Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Update...Part One

First I'd like to preface what transpired just before this past weekend...

Banta and I headed into Nine Corners Lake on Thursday night for what has become our weekly night session, i'm talking at least one night session a week after work to clear the mind and crush some boulders in the perfect fall conditions.  We have been making it a point to get out as much as possible since the last snow event back in October and this month we have been on a mission with over 12 outdoor climbing sessions while holding down 50+ hour work weeks!

The evening was prime, the temps wer perfect, and we both had select projects in mind.  After warming up and feeling extra strong and confident, it was only a matter of time before we both sent the climbs we were focused on...

And then this happened.

Nick Stoner Boulder Covered in Snow...damn
Over two inches of snow within an hour.  The night session was over, our projects remained projects...only temporarily we hope!

So with the Caroga Lake region covered by nearly 6" of snow on Friday morning, I knew that it would be out of the question on Saturday when Nyle and Murph were heading up from New Paltz.  They were psyched to check out the new cliff/boulder but quickly had to change plans so some actual climbing could occur and the day wasn't totally lost.

We rendevouzed around 11:00 am and headed north to a place I hadn't been back to since late June.  Conditions were much better as we travelled further from the microclimate know as Caroga Lake and when we finally arrived in Pottersville, the psych level was really high.  We ended up having a sick session, full of repeats, first ascents, explorations, and childish dares and games.  Good on ya' mates, looking forward to this coming weekend...BRING THE RUCKUS!

Media Update:

 Both of these aretes saw their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ascents respectively...we also added three more lines on the back side of this boulder putting the total established climbs on the first boulder you encounter at Hogwart's at 8 boulder problems (ranging from V0-V7 with an elusive V double-digit sit start to the left arete)

Squibs sit start and the line to the left of it both saw repeats from the New Paltz boys and Jobi crushed Squibs as well.  Murph began working some insane line out of Squibs to the right arete..better have strong shoulders to try these moves...Damn Kid!

The features on the Sorcerors Stone boulder are something to marvel at for sure...nice piece of rock

The guys crushed on this line as well and added a classic V7ish dihedral climb on the back side of this boulder at the tallest section of the rock.  Good vision guys!

And some Videos Please...


  1. Psyched to see an update! Checking in from Sydney, Australia!
    I've been anxiously awaiting an update because I figured you guys already crushed everything at the new crag. I am psyched to see new videos from pottersville... I'm jealous, I haven't been able to climb much it's been raining heaps on my days off. I did manage to check out some sick boulders in the Sydney Botanical Garden. There was 30+ easily accessed lines of incredibly featured sandstone ( I think... I have to do some research ) littered with huecos and pockets reminiscent of snowy. I was able to climb a few easy lines without shoes or chalk, but I'm not sure if it is legal to climb there or not. I took some pictures that I will try to put up...
    Good on ya mates!

  2. did u guys do the monster dyno on the right side of that boulder

  3. we did a full traverse from left to right on the right side of that boulder, we also did a climb straight up the left arete/face, a climb straight up on the right side of that face once you get to a good jug about 7' off the ground...there was a small thumb catch for the left hand, eliminating the need to dyno, we also did the easy right that boulder has a bunch to offer!

  4. sick man boulder is dope any other attempts on stuff towards the back?

  5. That boulder was the focus for new development on Sat. the rest of the day was full of repeats, then Nyle and Murph put up some more new stuff on Sunday, but I was at Snowy then.