Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saturday December 17, 2011: Nine Corners Lake

After a few days of rain during the work week I had high hopes that snow would be melted in the north country and we might have one last shot at a bouldering session at the Snowy Mtn. boulders in Indian Lake.  With the Jeep fully loaded with four guys and numerous crash pads, we headed north early on Saturday morning.  Everything was looking promising until we got into Speculator. 

I had called a convienient store in Speculator the night before to verify that they had no snow...turns out, they got about 2" of unexpected fresh powder over night.  After a quick pit stop for some homemade muffins, we ventured back south to test our luck at Nine Corners Lake to try and salvage the day and actually climb something.  Unfortunately we ran into the same dilema in Caroga Lake but the accumulation was far less than what we experienced in Speculator so we hiked into the boulder field with snow brushes and crash pads to give it a go.

A majority of the boulders were covered with snow but we were able to climb for a few hours.  It was cold and uncomfortable but just being outside in the fresh air made all of the negatives temporarily go away.

Media Update:

The fresh snowfall lingering throughout the boulder field

Banta eyeing up his current project "The Gatekeeper"

Tim on the upper sequence of "The Origin"

Pooler styling on the lower portion of "The Origin"


  1. Cool to see a vid of Love Cats (sp?). I tried it for a few min last week and couldn't get matched on the side sloper 3 moves in. Very cool prob.

  2. Love Cats is a pretty good is going to be epic when Francis links 007 all the way into the finish of Love Cats, something like 30+ hand movements total linking a V7 and a V8 back to back!

    Andrew I have all of next week off and the weather looks really good for some quality climbing. I am mainly going to focus on Western Mass and New Paltz if you'll be around and can get out to climb?

  3. Absolutely I can. I'll have the entire week off as well. I just got a new job but I don't start until Jan 9th! I'm all about western MA and New Paltz right now. Projects left and right in both regions. Just let me know when and where and I'll join you guys for sure.

  4. Andrew,

    I'll be with the guys on Monday and Friday...the rest of the week i'll be flying solo so it'd be nice to make something happen then. I am really psyched on Happy Valley and the Hideaway for a mid week session. What's your cell again??

  5. Sounds good. Just emailed you with my cell.