Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Two: North Mountain Moderates

Day one was a complete succes in my opinion. 

Traveling to Hueco Tanks, I had set a goal to climb "See Spot Run"...actually my goal was to flash the boulder problem which I failed to do but was able to top out this beautiful highball on my second attempt, so psyched!  With "See Spot Run", "Guns of Navarone" and "Baby Face" completed, my skin was still in great shape so I felt okay to climb a second day in a row.

The goal for Day Two was to see all new rock on North Mountain and to try some of the moderate classics.  My thought was that Day Two could be used as an "active rest" day, allowing me to climb some boulder problems while not completely pumping myself out for later in the week.

Nyle and Mike were taking rest days but still wanted to get out and see everyone climb.  The group split up for the beginning of the day; Nyle and Murph took a guided tour to East Mountain so Murph could get back on "Full Service".  Mike, Jobi and I headed back to North Mountain to run a nice bouldering circuit.  Here is how the day unfolded...

Boulder Problems done on Day Two:

 JuJu Wall- V0
Dumbo- V0
The Backstratcher- V0
The Butter Dish- V2
The Melon Patch- V0 (Highball)
Shaved Pits- V2
Five O'clock Shadow- V2
7-10 Split- V0 (Highball)
Split Decisions- V3 (Highball)
Orifice Affair- V1
Hard Again- V3
Coffee Achiever- V5
T-Bone Shuffle- V4
Bloody Flapper- V4

Video Update:

Picture Update:


  1. Completely psyched for you guys! Psyched on the photos!

  2. Great photos and videos, Jut! Looks like you're having a blast. I've never been too psyched on Hueco, because the popular media focuses on the V10+ classics that are out of my league (...for now). It's nice to see a few of those great looking moderate problems, maybe I'll end up taking a trip to Hueco after all.

  3. keep it comin, we're reading about it!

  4. Thanks for the shout out from back home guys! Hueco has been unreal so far. Going to a new area on Thursday...everyone in the crew is taking Wednesday off to rest.

    Hope everyhing is going well back home!

  5. I've never been more jealous watching a dude climb V0.