Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday February 18, 2012: Carriage Road

It feels good to be back in Upstate New York.  Hueco was an amazing trip filled with good times with friends and lots of hot sending action.  It was great to have the opportunity to meet up with Murph and Jobi as they continue to live the dream on an epic cross country climbing trip.  To be honest, I am kinda anxious to see just how strong that little fellow gets over the next few months of climbing in some of America's most notorious climbing destinations; good on 'ya mate!  Keep killing it out there on the road- "jutjomurph" for life

This past Saturday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed south to New Paltz to meet up with some of the O.G.'s on team S.A.C.  Banta, Sully, Pooler and I had a great day on the Carriage Road along with some 30 plus other boulderers that day.  Actually, the cliffs were getting a bunch of attention as well...hard to believe it is still February!

Looking forward to what 2012 has in store for everyone, psych levels are high and everyone seems to be having a blast getting outside and climbing a bunch.

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  1. I'll be the first to point it out...pretty substantial "Dab" on Dragon Turns this past Saturday. I haven't accepted the send and plan on heading back down to New Paltz in the near future to give it another go...had to include the footage though, quite hilarious watching Pooler flounder all over the place after we made contact, ha ha!

    1. I'll admit my almost eating shit was pretty funny, but what you can't see is how close I came to falling down to the road. That would have SUCKED. I still give it to ya though Mate good on ya

    2. That was a pretty funny shot. Wish I could have watched it in person. Glad you didnt fall Pooler

  2. Beware of the swinging S.A.C .Fear the S.A.C. S.A.C up and pull hard. Snowy S.A.C . Nine Cornered S.A.C .Otter S.A.C .Green S.A.C. Origin of S.A.C Tower of S.A.C .Power of S.A.C. Bearded S.A.C Can you see my S.A.C And of course Meat n S.A.C.

  3. Hahaahahaha gotta love S.A.C. Puns