Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Guessed it...Snowy Mountain Again

  The weather lately has been unreal...almost like the end of spring/start of summer at times.  With the trend towards longer days, warmer weather, and prime sending conditions, I convinced the crew to make the journey north yet again to the infamous steep pocketed boulders at Snowy Mountain.

  This was going to be the 3rd trip to Snowy Mtn. in a month and I really wanted to take care of a few things up in the woods.  Last year, the forest was damanged pretty badly by high winds so I planned on cleaning up some of the blown down trees and broken limbs, etc.  We rallied at 6:30 am on Saturday morning so we could get up there early, do some maintenance in the woods and still have time to boulder late morning and all afternoon.

  As we left Johnstown, the psych level was a little thrown off as we watched fresh snow accumulating on the roads around us.  I had completely bought into the news reports that nothing had happened further north overnight and that Indian Lake would be dry and prime for the day.  An hour and a half later, we were building a fire in the woods near the main boulder set wondering if we'd even be able to climb one problem today.  There was fresh snow everywhere and it wasn't looking good.

  Pooler tended the fire as Banta and I did our best to clean some things up throughout the boulderfield.  A few hours later, Jon Strazza rolled in with three of his friends from VT and not long behind them was Kirby and one of his buddies.  Now with 9 psyched boulderers in the woods, we were determined to climb anything that we could.

  With little effort, the Boulder of Mass Distruction (Coitus) was in decent climbing condition.  Coitus and Pumpkins Arete saw a slew of ascents and Pooler finally wrote off one of his projects, Coitus Interuptus...good on ya mate!  After a few hours playing on those climbs and variations off of them, we ventured over to the Never boulder were more crushing too place.

  Additional footage to come, but for now a quik video of a new variation on the Never Boulder and some images from the day.

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  1. Nice work Pooler and Command Center

    PmK hAtEr

  2. shoulda come to nine corners! it was dry as bone

  3. Yeah when I woke up Saturday morning at 6:00 am to 1/2" of snow in Johnstown (only 15 min. from Nine), I decided that it probably wasn't the best option. Glad it dried up for you guys up there as well, Snowy turned out to be perfect later in the day. Any updates from Nine going to make it onto your blog>?