Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Pond Bouldering Trip....Destiny at LAST!!!

Here are some images from this past weekend's epic canoe/camping/climbing trip for Ryan Pooler's Bachelor Party. I was more than impressed with what we saw in the forest this weekend and will definately be making some trips back in the next few psyched, finally some new Adk boulders that are steep and featured! Going to be a hot spot for sure.

More pictures, video and maps to follow....stay tuned


  1. the last pics also at second pond?

  2. Yes's known as the "Monster Boulder" (Last 3 photos) and is right off of Rt. 3 next to the boat launch for Second Pond. It is not immediately next to the massive boulder field we played in all weekend, but does shed some light on the fact that there is sooooo much good rock out that way! Check out bing maps and all of the boulders along the shore of Saranac Lake and Second Pond, unreal

  3. Headed down there soon! Rock looks clean, did you have to clean a lot?


  4. Not much cleaning needed at all...these boulders lie in a beautiful evergreen forest and are for the most part clean. You will have a blast in there climbing...just be prepared for some of the sharpest rock in the area!

  5. Whats going on with the s cave anything sent yet? I've worked both the lines their and have the far right line down to 2 sections and the crack line down to just having good temps and getting a little stronger at jamming, was wondering what your view is on those lines now and maybe some beta and recent activity on the projects in that area.

    1. Very cool to hear that you have been frequenting those boulders and putting some quality sessons in. Unfortunately I don't have any updated info on any new sends at Second Pond. I would wager that both of those would be first ascents though once they go down. Best of luck and happy climbing