Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More disturbing news from Nine Corners Lake

So I haven't been up to Nine Corners lately...mainly because I have switched gears to rope climbing and partly because of how crowded it has become.  Here is a blog post I came across from www.boulderingguides.com

After reading the post below I think I need to venture back up in there to see what all of the disgust is about.  Remember everyone, carry in and carry out.  If you do come across trash in the woods, please do your part to remove it.  Also, this is the third time I have heard people complaining about all of the spilled chalk and excessive tick marks on boulder problems.  I'm not saying chalk doesn't spill or you don't need to tick that key foothold, but please clean up once you are done for the day!  PLEASE!!! I won't know what to do if we lose access to this Adirondack gem!!!!

Post from www.boulderingguides.com

Ethics Alert

Quick recap. The past few weeks I took a couple trips up to a couple of the more popular Adirondack bouldering areas. I havent been up there in a long while so it was a trip well due.
I felt many emotions those days (shocked/disgusted/angered/saddened/angry again/loss) none of which I was planning to experience. Bouldering is such a peaceful soul rejuvenating activity, it caught me off guard. So you ask what caused all this.


I witnessed things I cannot describe. Tree cutting, landscaping, firepits, climbing related litter, generic litter, unsightly tick marks, blow torching (assumed from finding a torch head behind, again littering), numerous chalk nugget spills not cleaned up again litter, human shit and toilet paper not properly disposed off and the list goes on…

These places were absolute dumps. Places I considered beautiful and magical now disgust me and I didn’t even want to be there. I didn’t care how far I just drove, how excited I was to climb… I was ready to leave.

How could this have happened? Who was responsible and why hasn’t anything been done. This goes out to every boulder who reads this you need to hold yourself and others to the these strict ethics. If you might have forgot what they or are not entirely sure are grab a guidebook and open up to the section called Bouldering Ethics and read until you understand.

Be mindful of your actions out there otherwise these great places will be lost FOREVER.


  1. come on people, lets clean up after ourselves when out climbing and if you do see some randon trash/debris do us all a favor and bring it out with you.

  2. Good news to report...
    I made it up to Nine Corners Lake this past Sunday to meet with a local writer for the Leader Herald to do a quick tour of the bouldering, an interview and photoshoot for an upcoming article. The areas around the boulders themselves were exceptionally clean...no garbage to be seen, no spilled chalk and no excessively chalked holds. The areas around the lake however were pretty beaten up (as they usually are after holiday weekends). Rodney, Richard (The writer) and myself spent a few hours filling up trash bags with broken glass, beer cans, toliet paper and misc. random trash. I will be making a few additional trips up in the next few weeks to keep the cleaning efforts up.