Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 3, 2012: Night Session at Nine Corners Lake

With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday this year, I had the rare opportunity to climb late into the night during what would have been a typical work week.  Usually the night sessions only last until 10pm sometimes 11pm at the latest but on this particular night, the climbing did not cease until well after midnight.  I arrived at the trailhead around 7:00 pm to be greeted by Rodney Manning, Mitch Hoffman, Jay, Kyle Biel and Keith Banta.  Shortly behind us on their way from Albany was John Sullivan, Ryan Pooler and Sam.

It was a bunch of fun being back at my local bouldering turf, throwing myself at classics as darkness fell and we lit up the summer night with lanterns, spotlights and headlamps.  We also got to enjoy the firework display that was being set off down at Pine Lake, just before the Nine Corners Lake trailhead.  Always epic and always fun.  Good on ya guys!

Media Update:

Mitch Hoffman topping out "Mr. Jones"

Getting psyched to crimp on "Try of Cry"- V8

The send go...

Lighting up the summer night!


  1. Did you guys bring that ladder in there? I've been using the lookout boulder as a warm up and I was confused as hell when I hit the top the other day and it was on top. I made some good use of it and put it back, so thanks!

  2. That ladder was brought in last fall. Last year's bouldering comp was the weekend after Huricane Irene so to help clean things up and dry some of the climbs off, friends and I carried in some 12' wooden ladders. It has been a pain keeping them hidden from non climbers, so thanks for putting it back.