Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Conditions Bring an End to Some Projects

As a climber, it's hard to ignore how delightful it has been outside lately. The days are becoming shorter, the temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing color and fall is quickly approaching. Yesterday I had numerous text messages back and forth with various S.A.C crew members as our psych levels were raising in anticipation for the evening's bouldering session. For the past few weeks I have seen Keith and Ron come agonizingly close to sending "Luck of the Irish" on the Prison Boulder. Last night the guys showed up super psyched and focused and both made quick work of their project. "Luck of the Irish" was completed by back-to-back sends by the guys. It was extremely inspiring to witness first hand and i'm glad I was there for the sending!

Good on ya' mates...I am interested to see what is going to go down this fall season!

Media Update:


  1. Good on ya mate's! that's one of the best lines in the Southern Region!

  2. Good work guys! Nice sends, proud proud boulder.