Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Photos from the past few weeks

Lots of action from the end of last week and this past holiday weekend.  Hopefully people were able to get out and take advantage of the perfect weather and conditions...the SAC crew was rolling in full force. 

Until I can find the time to go through all of my pictures and somewhere around 15G of video from various climbing outings, I will leave everyone with a few random actions photos.

Media Update:

Rodney Manning caught in the rain on Buck Fever at Lost Hunters

Keith Banta leading "The Weasle Climb" at Lost Hunters

Mitch Hoffman on "Solitary Confinement"- V7

Rodney Mannin on "Luck of the Irish"- V8/9

John Sullivan beneath the Prison Boulder during a night session

Adirondack mushrooms, a possible texture concept for some new climbing holds

A lightning strike that was too close for comfort at Nine Corners Lake

XXL Core Series holds for Element Climbing

XXL Core Series Holds for Element Climbing

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