Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Absolute Zero" at Nine Corners Lake

A contived boulder problem on the cave boulder up at the Nine Corners Lake Boulders.  If you can get over the fact that you are eliminating a jug rail during the crux sequence at the halfway point of the traverse, the climb can be really fun and challenging. 

The climb is long and pumpy, the moves are taxing and difficult and the traverse allows you to move across the entire cave boulder from left to right.  The original "Absolute Zero" traverse ended by topping out through the "Psychsomatic" finish.  This finishing point never really made sense to me other than the fact that it was a top out for a different boulder problem.  I feel that the full traverse will eventually be the preferred finish for this rock climb.  Like I said, if you can get over the contrived nature of the climb, it is one that should definatley make it onto your tick list.

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  1. Nice job putting this to rest! The complete traverse makes more sense to me too, I've never cared for just quitting at an arbitrary point in the middle. Can't wait to start giving this some effort.

  2. Zac, you had quick work on the crux sequence for this climb...only a matter of time now until you link the boulder problem! Any updates on Andrew doing the reverse traverse? He was so damn close last week. Murph informed me that a while back he did Psychosomatic into The Earthling and thought it felt V9ish...Andrew's variation starting at Dry Ice will definately add some to the pump factor. Hope to see you soon pal

  3. Yeah, I'm really hoping to put it together this season! Haven't been back to 9 since we saw you there last, GB and Snowy have been distracting us.

    I'm not sure if he told you yet, but Andy just did the reverse traverse a couple of days ago... says he thinks it's probably V9ish as well. See you out there soon!