Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Ocean of Air"- V8

Here is a great boulder problem at Great Barrington Mass. known as "Ocean of Air".  I believe it was established in the fall of 2010 by a local; Greg Locker.  Either way, it is a great pure boulder problem in one of my favorite New England bouldering areas.  I took a thrilling "big" fall but was able to keep it together for a send later in the day.

Brad- thanks for the spotting and Banta thanks for the footage!

Media Update:


  1. As if I wasn't excited enough to get back to GB. I've always liked the look of that arete, really cool to watch it climbed (and get the name/grade as well). Any idea what the prob at 3:26 is called? I've done it, but never heard a name... I just call it "that one next to Fatwa". Pistol Grip maybe?


    1. Pistol Grip V6/7 from local GB sources. Lots of great lines in those woods, always looking forward to my next bouldering session there. According to the western Mass. climbing coalitio website, Great Barrington AKA "Reservoir Rocks" has over 250 established boulder problems. I feel like I only know 20% of them ha ha

  2. I have been trying to figure out what that problem (ocean of air) was for about a year now. I saw chalk on it but didn't know if the line followed under the arete or went up and around. Nice send also! Ill have to try it the next time I'm out there. What other problems did you get on when you were out there?

  3. Its just so pretty! Good job you guys. Makes me miss home. Be there November 19-21st to crush some things if anyone wants to join me. Jut is that a 2nd? I cant remember if anyone else did it, maybe scott?