Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second Ascent - "Buck Fever"- 5.12c

This route consumed my climbing efforts for many weekends throughout the summer and early fall.  Week after week we would venture into the cliff to find the bottom of the route seeping from prior rainfall.  Thanks to the patience of the SAC climbing crew and their continued psych, I was finally able to finally  redpoint Buck Fever on Saturday September 15, 2012.  This send coming six weeks after falling at the very top of the route in typical "punter" fashion.

Ken Murphy snagged the first ascent (as a lead route) on Buck Fever back on July 21st.  Since the first ascent, two holds have broken on the route and in my opinion have changed the difficulty of the climb significantly.  What was initially considered a 5.12b is now more likely a hard 5.12c, maybe even 5.12d as it is much more demanding and pumpy as compared to "Push"- 5.12c on the neighboring Good Luck Lake Cliffs.

Buck Fever

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  1. awesome man! So psyched you stayed with it, that route is tremendously good! Looked like a technician on the send!!! Deet@deet