Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Element Climbing Holds

Here are the cimbing hold sets that I carved this year for Element Climbing.  The company owner has put a hault on any new climbing hold sets for the remainder of the calender year so they can focus on mass producing holds to fulfill large orders.  Element Climbing is on the top of the climbing hold game and it has been an honor working with them thus far.

I am anxious for the new year and the opportunity to continue shaping for Element Climbing.

(Note:  I took the liberty of pre-drilling my sets of the holds so I can use them as screw on holds if needed on my home wall...only the hydrogen sets are screw on sets as sold by Element Climbing)

Media Update:


Core Pinches

Core Slopers

Core Pockets
Core Jugs
Entropy Jugs

Mitchondria Pinches

Entropy Ledges

Uranium Crimps

Hydrogen Rails

Hydrogen Jugs

Hydrogen Chips

Hydrogen Pockets
J. Sanford's 2012 Element Climbing Hold Sets


  1. Looking Great! Keep up the great work Justin!

    1. Thanks David, looking forward to the coming shaping season!

  2. Jut dude, i love setting with your holds! Shits awesome, the shapes are really great. Simple in the fact that you can force movement by being able to grab them one way, but being featured enough that they're not boreing. I have to say my favorite set is your uranium crimp set. I have so much fun with those for the hard things on overhangs. Also love the core pockets, super cool jugs!

    1. Evan- really appreciate the feedback! Working on some new sets that will utilize multiple angles and grip positions...hopefully they will fit right in to your setting style.