Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The first of many Winter Recon Missions

With my new Garmin GPS unit and a powerful software program called "Expert GPS", I have been scanning aerial imagery and topography maps for the Southern Adirondack region trying to determine which areas would be the most logical to have cliffs and boulder fields for some new development efforts for the upcoming season.

Below are some pictures taken from two weekends ago when Murph and I broke trail in over 36" of fresh powder in Indian Lake, New York.  We didn't find "destiny" on this recon mission, however the discovery of a free standing boulder with hueco pockets identical to those at the main Snowy Mountain bouldering area is enough to keep my psych levels high.

Media Update:


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  1. ummm I hate to be that guy, but I did that back in 81. scuccleberry delight is the name. called is E6. looks like murph was going for a mixed ascent?