Friday, February 15, 2013

Working on a New Bouldering Area

This gem of an area was not unearthed by me, however the individual responsible for the discovery has been kind enough to offer a personal tour of the zone within the next few weeks.  It has been reported that the new area has some of the best rock quality seen yet in the Adirondack Park and a majority of the potential lines are steep and they actually have holds.  An estimated 30-40 boulder problems have been located.  Can it really be???  An entirely new area within the Adirondack Park with steep walls and on state land (has been verified using County Tax Maps).

This is a significant find and I am really psyched to personally check the area out.  I know how hard, time consuming and frustrating it is looking for new climbable rock in this area.  Time and time again we discover new areas only to be turned away due to lack of rock quality or private property.  Stay tuned and stay psyched...this is LEGIT and I should know much more very soon!!!

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  1. So psyched for this! Do you think you could clean some problems, suss the beta, but not top them out so I can snatch the FA? It would really mean a lot...

  2. More to report on this a sneak peak this weekend, could be really good!