Friday, April 5, 2013

There is no stopping Evan Race!

So the kid continues his boulder problem tear with some sick looking lines at Niagara Glen.  If you are familiar with Evan's ability to crush anything made out of plastic, then his recent outdoor tick list should not come as a surprise.  Below are some of his latest sends and videos that I poached off of youtube after I got my weekly update of "recent uploads"...I didn't beat Climberism to the post, but nevertheless, I feel like it is worthy of a shout out.  Evan, the S.A.C. salutes you!

Media Update:


  1. I stopped by your page looking for some info and wanted to say that the new Never Left Hueco Picture at the top is awesome!

    J Miles

    1. Justin- thanks for the comment man. Tomas does take some excellent action photographs. Hoping to get him into some more of the local areas this coming season.