Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pinnacle Pull Off Classics: April 21, 2013

The video compilation below is from a quick (2 hour) bouldering session at a local area known as the "Pinnacle Pull Off" bouldering area in Caroga Lake, New York.  This small bouldering area is right off of Route 29A/Route 10 as you head north towards Nine Corners Lake.  The area got it's name from the restaurant called "Pinnacle Restaurant" which sits up on a hill just above the boulder field overlooking Canada Lake.

There are somewhere around 45 established boulder problems at this area, some are of pretty good quality especially when you take into consideration the minimal approach and easy access.  This is where I started bouldering back in 2004 when I noticed the house sized boulders just off of the road.  It has continued to be a great stomping ground for days when time is limited to sneak in outdoor climbing.

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  1. ahhh the good ole days. Remember the days with PJ"s and mad rocks getting so psyched on these blocks.

    umm falling falling hard!

    burning dollar bills in dear skulls

    just psyched on climbing.

    good times man

    1. The Pinnacle Pull Off was where it all started for the kid and I. We haven't looked back since 2004! My psyche for rock climbing continues to grow on a daily basis!!!