Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Ascents at the Green Lake Boulders

The Green Lake boulders have seen some recent development activity with the removal of the old wooden platform under "Evil Empire" and the construction of a sweet boulder, earth, and dirt flat landing platform.  This platform which looks natural to the naked eye took a considerable amount of effort and energy by a local Adirondack boulderer and I personally just wanted to say thank you for your contribution.  It is quite possible that with this new landing zone, "Evil Empire" might see some more attempts from climbers since a broken ankle or leg is no longer a fear factor.

In addition to the new/updated landing, some new boulder problems have been established as well.  There is an alternative variation to "Live Free or Die" which starts at "Evil Empire" and traverses higher holds to gain the original dyno sequence on "Live Free or Die".  It climbs really well and the added hand movements probably add one V-grade to the problem.  Also, directly in the middle of "Evil Empire" and "Live Free or Die" is a sick new problem put up by Keith Banta that climbs staright up the tall face on some really cool holds and some unexpected body positions and movements.  Nice addition Keith, this is probably my favorite climb on the boulder.  Keith got the first ascent on the stand start but has not been able to link the sit start due to some serious knee problems he encounters on one move in particular, leaving his knee in a locked position due to cartilage getting "hung up".  I added the sit start to the problem with his blessing but started as "Live Free or Die" instead of "Evil Empire".  This start was different than what was originally envisioned as the direct sit start, but is still full value.

Photographs compliments of Keith Banta

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  1. Props to Jeremy Manning for building out that landing. I did the stand to that new line in June and it's definitely the best route on the boulder. The sit is going to be super classic.

  2. So bummed that Keith hurt his knee. Lets all hope for a quick recovery so he can get back to man handling some boulders!

  3. Sick photos Banta! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Great post Command-style. See you in a week