Friday, March 21, 2014

Archived Video: Andrew Cieply on "Super Spores"

Last night I was going through my multiple external hard drives looking for quality Adirondack Bouldering photographs to use in the upcoming guidebook and I stumbled on a nice video from a late November session at Nine Corners Lake.

Below is the raw video of an absolute crusher, Mr. Andrew Cieply climbing the low start to "Spores" which was established by Nyle Baker and dubbed "Super Spores" in 2009.  Although Andrew makes this climb look effortless in the video, it is demanding from the start to the full value top out finish.

I am anxious for Spring to finally arrive, as I am sure everyone else is as well.  Enjoy the video clip.

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  1. Andy is so damn strong! Ahhh deet!

  2. Doesn't count unless he pauses on the crux to brush off his hand on his pants.

    1. Anyone who has witnessed that feat first hand, has definately been humbled by the experience! Nothing like struggling on a boulder problem only to watch Andrew cruise it in smooth criminal fashion and pause at the most difficult sequence to wipe the sweat off of his hands...the kind is uber strong!!!

  3. Haha, you guys are so awesome. Jut, I love how encouraging you are -- just hearing your voice in the vid makes me wanna go crush something. Psyched for the spring season to arrive my friends, fingers crossed for mid/late April!