Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Adirondack GEM has been Established...

Kennith D. Murphy doing what he does best...establishing some of the most aesthetic and difficult boulder problems within the "blue line" of the Adirondack State Park!  This long and steep line has seen attempts ever since the "Gnar Wall" was discovered by J.P. Whitehead back around 2009 and was recently climbed cleanly by Murph himself.

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  1. So now my pad is the Dacks stash pad?

    1. Timmy! Good to hear from you man, been a long time. Your pad didn't travel out west with you? You must be nuts leaving that thing with the New Paltz crew, ha ha. But no I don't think it is being used as a stash pad, Murphy only spent a couple of sessions on this new gem and probably hiked the pads in and out on each trip. Give me a heads up if you're ever heading back east for a visit