Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nine Corners Lake: Saccharine Boulder Session

Here are some pictures from a recent SAC crew bouldering session at the infamous (at least in my opinion) Adirondack bouldering location known as Nine Corners Lake. There was only a brief window to climb in-between bouts of rain, but we were able to sneak in a pretty productive session on the Saccharine Boulder.

Banta was damn close to sending Instant Yoga...with a bit more strength in his knee that underwent surgery last year he will undoubtedly sent this problem! Pooler tried harder at bouldering than I have seen in the past two-three years. I mean honestly, the dude was throwing out deets and dahts and was refusing to give up on everything we tried! Maybe even tore a flapper or two or perhaps split a fingertip in the process. Great to see him back in action and highly motivating for sure. Sullivan was his typical self- trying hard and keeping the crew amped!!!

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