Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Which Guidebook Cover do you Prefer?

Looking for some help from my fellow climbers and blog readers.  Please comment on which of the two cover versions you like for the Adirondack Bouldering Guidebook.  Also, I finally secured my LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) title this week and can now move forward with the publishing process.  Anticipate a guidebook available in November for purchase!  I am super excited about this coming to life.

Thanks everyone!


  1. I'm digging the 2nd one, gives a great scope of the boulder size. Looks good dude!

  2. Option 1 - what does it look like with without the puzzle pieces?

    1. puzzle pieces removed for additional options....

  3. I like option 4. It gives the best perspective on the line the climber is on. I get the 'puzzle piece' idea but it's kind of gimmicky and not necessary. You have a lot of great photos- why not let them be the focal point? Just the perspective of a fellow bouldering guidebook author. Looking forward to this book coming out. Lots of great looking stuff out there.

  4. Number 4 looks great! maybe puzzle pieces on the inside cover photo?