Saturday, February 20, 2016

BLOG Updates: Guidebook, Climbing Holds, Climbing, Training

Okay my fellow climbers and readers...I apologize for the extended delay in any posts or updates.  I have been extremely busy with finalizing the New York:  Adirondack Bouldering Guidebook, designing new climbing holds for my upcoming climbing hold lineup release under my new comany, Southern Adirondack Climber, LLC, training for an upcoming bouldering trip in April, and tackling daily household and life in general tasks.

Here are some quick updates:

  • The bouldering guidebook has been finalized and is currently being printed by the printing company that I settled on using out of Tennessee.  I should be getting the first round of printed books within the next week or two and it will be available here on the blog by the end of February
  • My personal climbing hold inventory is growing at an alarming rate and I am anticipating molding enough new sets to increase my current climbing hold lineup by 300% in the next couple of months...all of the sets will be dual texture themed and should catch the attention of home wall owners, indoor gyms, and route setters
  • Training has been going very well.  I am seeing dramatic increases in strength, endurance, and power.  All of these gains are being accomplished in conjunction with a steady decrease in body fat and overall weight.  Hopefully everything comes together nicely for the trip to the southern US in early April and a much needed visit to some sandstone boulders
  • As far as outdoor climbing is concerned, despite this freakishly weird winter season, I have been able to sneak outside for some random bouldering sessions in between the sub zero temperatures and sporadic snow events
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  1. Thank you! You never disappoint - can't wait to see the new guide!

    1. Pumps where the heck have you been lately? Still climbing in this region at all? Thanks for the comment

  2. You going to offer any guidebook/climbing hold combo deals?

    1. James- I will definitely be offering a deep discount on any of my climbing holds to anyone who purchases the Adk bouldering guidebook.