Saturday, April 23, 2016

Little Rock City, TN (aka Stone Fort)

  I recently returned from a very quick climbing trip down to one of the southeast's popular bouldering destinations...Little Rock City (aka Stone Fort).  This extensive collection of sandstone boulders lie in the woods adjacent to a golf country club called Montlake Country Club in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.  The bouldering there is extremely good with high quality rock, a good concentration of varying difficulty, massive boulders, and for the most part a pretty laid-back southeast atmosphere.  A climbing day use fee ($8/pp) is paid right at the golf clubhouse and from there it is only a short 5-10 minute walk to the boulders, depending on which area you want to start climbing.  

  Leading up to this much anticipated trip I had scoured the internet for bouldering videos in an attempt to compile a reasonable list of problems that I at least wanted to try while I was there.  A handful of these problems appeared to be my "style" of boulder problems and I had very high expectations to successfully climb some of them.  We were in Tennessee for 4 days and climbed 3 full days at LRC.  At the end of it all, the tick list was pretty extensive and I was more than pleased with the overall outcome on the trip.  A unsuccessful problem that I still can't shake from my memory is a climb called Deception (V7).  Out of everything on my list, this problem was the one that definitely meant the most to me and unfortunately I had to head back to New York without topping it out.  I made a pivotal  mistake and did not try Deception until our last day and at the end of that was literally the last boulder problem that I tried to climb while down at Little Rock City.  I already have plans to revisit this area in October/November to give myself another chance on some of the problems that I had to walk away from.  

FIRST DAY SENDS (** flash)

  • Fire Cracker Flake (V1) **
  • Seam Eliminate (V3) **
  • Needless Things (V0) **
  • Aneardon (V6)
  • Genghis Khan (V5)
  • Manute Bol (V6)
  • Keel Hauled (V3) **
  • Dragon Lady (V4) *
  • Tristar (V4)
  • Latin for a Dagger (V5)
  • The Wave (V6)
  • Art of the Vogi (V4) **
  • Spit Shine (V0) **
  • Rail Rider (V4) **
  • Pleidas (V4)
  • Super Mario (V4) **
  • Super Mario Extension (V6)
  • These Feel Like Your Sisters (V3)
  • Uncle Punchy (V1)
  • Drag Me Down (V1)
  • Art of the Vogi (V4)- repeat
  • Art of the Vogi, Left (V6)
THIRD DAY SENDS (** flash)
  • Shaggy (V1) **
  • Incredarete (V1) **
  • The Eliminator (V7)
  • Two Can Sam (V3) **
  • Slice (V4) **
  • Green Machine (V4) **
  • Face in the Crowd (V7)
  • Grimace (V8)
  • Heroin (V7)
  • White Trash (V5) 
Media Update:  

(a majority of these photos were taken by my good friend and extremely talented photographer Keith Banta.  Check out some more of his work here: )

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