Thursday, May 19, 2016

Snowy Mountain Session with Friends

  Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have a Friday off of work and was able to meet up with some good friends at the Snowy Mountain Boulders in Indian Lake, New York.  I hadn't been back to this area since last fall (November 9, 2015) to be exact when I had an epic session and was able to top out both of the V11 problems on the Never Boulder; Salamander Slayer (V11) and There Are no Salamanders in Hueco (V11).  Needless to say, I  was super excited to get back up there to spend the day with Murph, Strazza and Sada.

  Murphy hadn't been to Snowy Mountain in a couple of years and set his sights on finally sticking the dyno move on Never Left Hueco (V8).  The move itself is not difficult for someone who has a decent wingspan; however for a shorter climber like Murph this move could feel nearly impossible or double-digits in comparison.  He wasn't able to stick the move but with a power spot we were able to finally determine that he can make the huge move and his psych for the problem was at an all time high.  I took a screen shot from a video showing one of his attempts on the dyno and if you look closely, he in nearly on the hold!  So pumped for the little guy!!!  Strazza and his girlfriend Sada have both recently returned home from a lengthy climbing trip and they looked fit as ever.  Being able to climb on real rock for an extended period of time definitely helps with technique, strength and power and it was pretty evident watching the two of them climb.

  I am looking forward to our next session together, but not looking forward to the flying insect invasion!  It was unbearable at times up there in the forest.

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