Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Evolv Grassroots Team Member

  After climbing in Evolv climbing shoes for over a decade, I am honored to announce that they have added me to their very talented pool of Grassroots Climbing Team Members.  There are of course some nice perks that come along with being an Evolv  team member but most importantly, I look forward to getting the word out there on their quality products and helping to increase exposure for them here in the northeast.  The company is extremely close to releasing their latest and greatest high end climbing shoe, the Agro (http://www.evolvsports.com/shop/ultra-performance/agro/) and I am extremely eager to test them out in the Adirondacks!  Prior to the Agro's, their Shaman's and Nexxo's have performed very well for me and have proved to be excellent rock climbing shoes for all disciplines.    

  Happy climbing everyone...I hope you are getting as much climbing in as you can this fall before winter moves in and controls our outdoor climbing for the next couple of months!  

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  1. Yeah dude! Awesome work and congrats!