Friday, November 11, 2016

Montague Bouldering, Western Massachusetts

  This past weekend I had a very enjoyable bouldering session with some of the SAC crew members (Corey Schauble, John Sullivan, Ken Murphy, and me) in western Mass. at the Happy Valley and Hideaway Boulders.  The day consisted of way too much time in the car driving but an equal amount of time spent trying hard on some great boulder problems and tons of laughs with the guys as we literally vibed the shit out of other climbing groups.  Our crew was hyped up on too much caffeine and the psych was through the roof!  At the end of the day, not an overwhelming amount of problems were sent but that did not do justice to all of the efforts and try hard attempts that happened that day.

  Happy fall climbing everyone...

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  1. Awesome post, keep them coming! Also, more pics of the kid - he is killing it