Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Joe's Valley 2017 Footage

  As promised over the weekend, I worked diligently on compiled my footage from my recent bouldering trip to the sandstone mecca of Joe's Valley, Utah.  It is important to note that 90% of the video footage from this trip came by the way of my point and shoot camera on record while perched on an adjustable tripod.  The videos for the most part cover climbs that I did...so I apologize up front for the amount of times you have to watch me climb in the video.  When I wasn't climbing, my main focus was to capture my friends and other climbers via photographs and that's why I have 600+ images from the trip (more of those to come in a subsequent post).

Media Update:

  Here is a breakdown of my (7) days on in Joe's Valley:
Day One (arrival day, 7:30 pm)
Area:  New Joe's 
(8) problems, (27) V-points

J.  Resident Evil
7.  Snake Mouth (V3)
7a. Unknown Highball Face (V4)

J3. Marble Cake
9.  Stumble Bum Traverse (V5), flash
7.  Fart Fig (V6)
6.  Cool Joe (V3)

I. Self Service 
2.  Self Service (V4), onsight
1.  Whopper (V1), flash
Day Two (10 hour session)
Area:  Left Fork
(10) problems, (48) V-points

H. Kelly's Rock
4.  To Infinity (V1), flash
3.  Chi (V3), flash
2.  Kelly's Arete (V5)

G. K-Town
1.  Angler (V2), flash
3.  Feels Like Grit (V8)

B.  Wills of Fire
7.  Wills of Fire (V6)

D. Shadow of Death
2.  Shadow of Death (V6), flash

B. Kill By Numbers 
1.  Kill by Numbers (V5), flash
1a.  Kill by Numbers, Var. (V6), flash

C. Scary Monsters 
1.  Scary Monsters (V6)

Day Three (10 hour session)
Area:  Right Fork and Triassic 
(13) problems, (38) V-points

Right Fork
A. U.M.W.A
3.  I Am (V1), flash
6.  Fruity (V0), flash
4.  Hole Mine (V2), flash
5.  Smoothie (V5)
2.  Reach Around Right (V3)
10.  Rug Right (V5)

C. Maxipad
1.  Maxipad (V6)

1.  Unknown (V1), flash
2.  Unknown (V1), flash
3.  Unknown (V0), flash
4.  Pocket Problem (V5)
5.  Triassic Arete (V4), flash/repeated 4x
6.  The Bad (V5)

Day Four (Evening session, 3 hr)
Area:  New Joe's
(10) problems, (44) V-points

B1. Pimpin Jeans
1.  Stinky Jeans (V2), flash
2.  Pimpin Jeans (V4), flash
3.  Bad Genes (V3), flash

B1a. Sphere
3.  Lamar (V1), flash
2.  Reading Rainbow (V5), flash

B. Roll the Dice
2.  Desperate (V3)
3.  Roll the Dice (V5)

G. Pocket Rocket
4.  Pocket Rocket (V7)

C. Chips 
3. Chips (V7), 2nd go
4.  Planet of the Apes (V7), 2nd go

Day Five (8 hr session)
Area:  The Flu
(8) problems, (48) V-points

S. The Flu
2.  Epidemic (V5), flash
3.  Pandemic (V7)
1.  Out Break (V7), flash

I. Candy Paint
2.  Rims Still Spinnin' (V3), flash
1.  Bendin' Corners (V3), flash
3.  Syrup Sippin' (V5)
2.  Candy Paint (V3), flash

K. Ol' Dirty Bastard
2.  Killa Bees (V7)

Day Six (8 hr session)
Area:  Right Fork, The Flu, and New Joe's 
(13) problems, (50) V-points

Right Fork
B. Bowling Ball
2.  Sunscreen (V2), flash
3.  Bowling Ball (V4), flash
1.  No Guard on Duty (V4)

A. Boux
8.  Boux Crack (V3), flash

The Flu
G. Rawhide
2.  Rawhide (V6)

New Joe's 
E. Contact
2.  Contact (V5)
4.  Stink Eye (V7)

J1. Warm Me Up
5.  Sun in my Eye (V5)
6.  Sun in my Eye Traverse (V6)
4.  Blind Nights (V3), flash

J2. Goat Milk
1.  Huge Mama (V3), flash
3.  Chit (V3)
2.  Suck That (V2), flash

Day Seven (30 min. session prior to departing)
Area:  New Joe's 
(1) problem, (7) V-points

J. Resident Evil
2.  Phoney Bologne Traverse (V7)


Trip Totals:  (63) problems, (262) V-points 

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