Monday, February 5, 2018

Collaboration with Catalyst Productions (Element Climbing)

  2017 was an extremely productive year for me in regards to climbing hold design and climbing hold production work for various companies.  Asana Climbing and their owner Jamey Sproull finally gave me an opportunity to shape some new sets for them and what started out small scale in the preliminary stages quickly grew as more sets were being requested.  Altogether, I was fortunate enough to shape the following sets for Asana Climbing as well as produce the silicone molds for their production company, Catalyst Productions:

  • the Jabbas Family  (35 dual textured jugs and 10 dual textured crimps):

  • the Pongos Family (7 multi-tex slopers and 7 identical slopers without the texture application)

  • the Lobos Family (40 flat edge holds from small to XXXL)

  After completing the design and molding work for Asana Climbing, the owner of Catalyst Productions, David Filkins had requested that I make my way down to their warehouse in Jasper, GA so I could work side by side with his molding specialist and hold pouring team to learn some of their proprietary secrets and skills that they have developed over the past few years in the industry.  I was able to spend a handful of days down there with their team back in late November.  As a result of the trip, Catalyst Productions is going to slowly bring me onto their team to work remotely here from New York as one of their molding specialists for some of the various companies that they produce silicone molds for and pour the climbing holds for.  I am super excited and anxious to see where all of this can lead me in the near future.  2018, here I come!!!  

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