Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Stormy Session at Pottersville

Back into the mythical forest in Pottersville, NY this past Saturday to recheck the psych for new rock and boulder problem potential and to test our luck with the nasty stretch of weather we've been enduring.  Not even 30 minutes into the day and the sky opened up on us unleashing a relentless downpour that lasted for nearly 30 minutes.  Trying to salvage what was left, we recleaned and dried a few boulder problems and somehow managed to get a somewhat decent session out of it all.

After a few initial visits and climbing sessions, I still feel that there is some good potential at this collection of boulders. 


  1. Is that top picture of Dementor? What did you think of it? Accurate grading?
    Gotta find that slopy lip. I love those sorts of lines.

  2. Top picture is Sully on Dementor. Right now it is my favorite eastbalished boulder problem @ Pottersville...mainly because that is my favorite style of climbing, slighlty overhanging with decent crimps. It felt a solid grade harder than Squibs sit start and The Seeker. But as alwways, climbing grades are subject to the individual climber. I just thought that the long right hand move to the crimps and then matching on them was pretty difficult.