Friday, May 20, 2011

Largest Erratic in Caroga Lake?

Over the course of Murph's hiatus from the working world, countless hours were spent scanning aerial imagery online followed by recon missions to loactions he thought might have the most potential to have large boulders and cliff bands.  One of the discoveries he made was a small group of boulders along the nothern shore of Pine Lake with one boulder in particular being one of the single largest boulders (with features conducive to climbing) in the Southern Adirondacks.  Of course some of the boulders in the tallus beneath Good Luck Lake Cliffs are similar in size, but recon missions have determined that they're aren't any holds! There have been a few cleaning/climbing sessions on this monster which have unearthed some stellar boulder problems...all of which are falling into the "Highball" category due to the size of the main block.  I am interested to see just how many boulder problems this one boulder can produce.  If I have to throw a number out right now, it would be in the lower 20's. 

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