Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update...

Saturday started out on the rough side.  Showers dissipated only to return periodically through much of the day.  I spent numerous hours carving climbing hold prototypes for an up and coming climbing hold company out of Texas.  The pinch hold set can be seen below.

Late afternoon however, the doppler showed no more storms around Little Falls and I heard rumors that he who shall not be named might be in the vicinity.  It was worth the drive anyday!  Saturday turned into a highball session and "X" rated lead climbing session at Little Falls with Murph and a young female crusher known as K.P.; followed by a decent bouldering session at Nine Cornered Lake on Sunday despite the lingering dampness from all of the rain we have endured.  Pictures and videos of both days to follow.  Stay tuned and as always, keep it real....


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  1. The KiD looking a little torn up - in the gutter son