Sunday, July 3, 2011

After Work session @ Pottersville, NY

This past Thursday June 30, 2011 I met a few friends up north to climb at Pottersville after work.  The conditions were ideal for a June day and we definately took advantage of it.  Some things were discovered in the woods that lead me to think we should not be frequenting this area this time of year.  If we want to avoid any issues with the land owners, it might be best to stay away for the next few months.  Contact me personally if you would like more details...but i HIGHLY recommend avoiding the Hogwart's bouldering area for awhile.

As for the boulder problems in the video...I list the problems as "New Problem" with a number just for reference purposes.  These problems may or may not be first ascents but are new to our best knowledge, as numerous groups of climbers have been frequenting the area and the details between the groups have not be coordinated yet  .  Regardless of the F.A. tag, these problems climb well, are fun, and are worth climbing in you're in the area. 


  1. thanks man, hopefully more from this holiday weekend

  2. just to through it out there at least four of us are heading out to Snowy on Saturday if We can with the weather being uncertain just throwing it out there if anyone may be interested peace