Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Few Words from Chris Sharma...

I read an interview with Chris Sharma in Rock and Ice issue # 196 and thought I should share his introductory passage on the blog:

"My purest moments of climbing were at Panther Beach in Santa Cruz-making up eliminates, climbing barefoot.  You're trying the hardest moves you can-you're not trying to get anything out of it.  No recognition, no redpoint, just unencumbered movement.  That's the essence of climbing.  Pure playfulness."

-Chris Omprakash Sharma

It's amazing to see one of the world's best rock climbers being honest and humble about a sport that has made them who they are today...GOOD ON YA MATE!  Many props to you.

On an unrelated note, I have realized that many people that read the blog do not realize that I have posted up a series of southern adirondack climbing guidebooks that I have generated over the years.  The old Nine Corners Lake Bouldering guidebook, the Pinnacle Pull-Off Bouldering Guidebook, Green Lake Cliffs Guidebook, and Otter Lake Cliffs guidebook are all available for free download on the right hand side of my blog under "Pages" - "Southern Adirondack Climbing Guidebooks".  I hope everyone can get some good use out of them.

This Sunday I will be heading back into Otter Lake Cliffs with a group of guys yet again to get some lead climbing in, install some fixed gear on a few new routes, and clean some recently scouted routes.  If anyone is interested in making the trek in, get ahold of me.

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  1. Sharma is the man, I would like to meet him one day! Also, thanks for the online guidebooks, the cliffs look sick.