Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday July 23, 2011...Otter Lake Update

Everyone once and awhile, everything works out and a quality session gets squeezed into a typical upstate New York summer day.  For some odd reason, today's sun and humidity stayed at bay on an early morning assault of the Otter Lake cliff.  Two members of today's crew had never seen the crag, so Brad and Sully brought their hype on seeing and climbing on new rock.  Picture highball (40 foot) boulder problems with fixed gear just off of a secluded lake in the southern Adirondacks.

I figured the best way to cover today's session would be to follow weekend bouldering's lead and upload a series of action photos.  Enjoy!

 Banta getting REAL on the crux of "Harvest Moon"
 Brad flashing "Harvest Moon"
 Sully: Mean Muggin' on the crux of "Harvest Moon"
 Higher up on "Harvest Moon"
 Higher up on "Harvest Moon"
 Pooler styling on the intro moves of "Harvest Moon"
 Brad:  Onsight lead of "Independence Pass"

 Banta on a long lock off:  "Harvest Moon"
 Low pinch on the "White Arete"
Leading "White Arete"


  1. nice guys keep up the good work!!!!

  2. I enjoy seeing some traffic back on this cliff! Short, powerful, quality routes; the ideal transition for a boulderer to the rope climbing game. We scouted some new lines and plan on having a development session in the coming weeks.

  3. The white arete is a really solid route. Aesthetic with good movement towards the top.