Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caroga Lake Cliffs...

Saturday I had a golf benefit at Nick Stone Municipal Golf Course in Caroga Lake, NY.  I had a small window of free time before the benefit so I made the quick trip into a cliff I developed two years ago...and haven't been back to since leading "The Incredible Hulk" last May on my birthday.  Hanging from my rope for two hours of routine maintenance cleaning, I realized why I was SO psyched on thie cliff when I found it snowshoeing one winter.  It is highly featured, slightly overhanging, and has a high concentration of great climbs.  Can't wait to show people the crag!

Green Lake Cliff
Green Lake Cliff
Yet another weekend session at the Otter Lake Cliff.  This past Sunday we travelled in to clean some new routes and climb as many existing routes as we could before the bugs and heat got the best of us.  Some hardware was instaleld on the direct roof variation, making it a leadable route now...and one of the hardest on the cliff in my opinion.  Below are some photos from the crux sequence:

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