Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shout out to Rodney Manning...

My long lost bouldering partner...this one goes out to you pal.  We hope to see you at this years Southern Adirondack Rock Climber's Festival!


  1. Damn dude, a one arm pull-up in mid crux!

  2. ahhhh i love u guys and am sorry to say but i cant make it this year im goin to N.C. for the week again.... same damn thing last year but i will be comin up like end of sep early oct a couple weeks in a row to get some good adk climbing before winter so i will hit u guys up when i do. Good luck with everything take lots of pics and videos and let me know how everything sent... :)

  3. Rodney good to hear you will be back up this way for a bit of climbing hope to get to meet up with ya I'm heading up to lake Ontario for salmon the last week of September for a week your number still the same prbly not since you live in another state now. Hope ya have a great time in NC peace