Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nine Corners Lake and a Bouldering Challenge...

This past Saturday Murph ventured north from New Paltz to get some laps in at Nine Corners Lake.  The conditions were pretty good for an August day, the psych level was high and the crew was rolling deep with eight guys including myself.  Kirby even made it out for the day and represented well for the north country crew.

Nine Corners Lake has been my "local" climbing area since I started climbing about six years ago.  It is hard to determine how many days I have spent bouldering in those woods and it still stands out as one of my favorite climbing locations.  Saturday I wanted to maximize my time in the woods and climb as much as possible to get some traffic on climbs throughout the woods in preparation for the upcoming competition. 

The approach for the day was to set a point value from boulder problem ratings that we  hoped to reach.  It seemed pretty straight forward and attainable from the start...75 points total in bouldering problems, repeats not included in the total but variation climbs would count.  The early hours of the day saw numerous ascents as the points accumulated.  Murph and I were nearing the 75 point mark but my energy and skin were coming to an end.  After falling off the topout of "The Earthling" and "Crazy Ice" on the cave boulder, I took off my climbing shoes and called it quits for the day; ending with 69 points.  Murph was closer to the goal after the cave boulder at 71 points and wanted to do "The Origin" on the way out.

On the hike from The Cave to the Main Set I was able to catch a second wind.  The hike loosened the body back up and gave my skin a quick break.  We picked back up the climbing at the Main Set and after another hour and a half, we both surpassed the 75 point mark and entered in the 100 point club.  Epic day with lots of good people, good conditions, and great climbing.

Good on ya Murray!

And now the media update:


  1. Great post great pics I rolled up there yesterday Sunday and could tell right away something good had went down on Saturday things cleared out chalk on all the holds everywhere the area had been pilliged. Hey to let ya know the Optimus boulder is good to go I rolled up there Friday with my ax and did a little cleaning myself got sum crazy pics of it to and it's good to go now.Got that giant fckr to fall just right

  2. Kyle...I am psyched that you were able to get that dead/fallen tree that ended up leaning onto the Optimus Prime boulder out of the way. When it came down two years ago, somehow it landed right on one of the best climbs on the boulder. Did you climb any of those problems once you got that dead tree off of it? If not, we should get in there and climb them again!

    Thanks man, good work!

  3. I had climbed on that boulder about two and a half years ago but not since cuz of that tree psyched to do the other problems now I forgot how nice and tall that boulder is i am looking forward to getting back on it and having others as well peace.