Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Update...

Saturday August 27, 2011 we hit the boulder field at Nine Corners Lake yet again to circuit boulder problems and enjoy the pleasant summer weather before hurricane Irene tore through the area.

Right at the start of the day, I was upset with what we were seeing throughout the woods.  It started at the Saccharine Boulder.  Numerous trees had been cut down and left right where the culprit did their dirty work.  Many of these trees were nowhere near the boulder itself leading me to believe/hope that it was not the work of a fellow climber.  The same was seen over the The Stoner boulder right in the main bouldering area.  I urge everyone who frequents this area to climb...if you know who is doing this please inform them that it is illegal and that this sort of activity can/will jeopordize our access to climb at Nine Corners Lake.  DEC rangers will be in the woods during the bouldering competition and the last thing that we want them to see is any destruction of the forest. 

On a positive note, despite all of the rain from Thursday, the boulders were relatively dry and the climbing was decent up there Saturday.  I met up with Zac and Andy at the trailhead and we heading up the trail to eventually meet up with Banta and Pooler.  A few hours later another sizeable crew showed up to climb as well.  It was by far the most people I have seen bouldering at once at Nine Corners Lake...something I have been hoping to see for quite some time now.  The "Cave Boulder" looked like an indoor session for an hour or two an numerous climbs were repeated by climbers.

Keep spreading the work about the upcoming competition and lets hope that Irene didn't do too much damage to the Caroga Lake forests.

And now a quick media update:

 A whole bunch of action at "The Cave" boulder
"The Saccharine" boulder standing tall in the woods


  1. yeah the cutting of the trees was ridiculous, me Tyler and Ryan saw this on the wed of that week, looked like the warmup boulder got hit the hardest

  2. Yeah as bad as the warm up boulder looked, it was nothing in comparison to the Saccharine boulder. Somebody straight up butchered the area around the erratic. Hopefully they don't continue their "cleaning efforts".
    On a positive note, are you guys planning on participating in the upcoming comp?

  3. What's the setup going to be as far as scoring goes? Total points or five best problems?

  4. Check out the details for the comp in "my pages" under the Caroga Lake Bouldering Competition

    Basically, it comes down to the five climbs on your scorecard worth the most points, an additional point is given for a flash the day of the comp (so a flash on a V6 is worth 7 points). In the event of a tie...which there definately will be, the points will extend past the top five boulder problems on the scorecard until a winner is determined. Also, a prize will be allocated for the highest scorecard total at the comp as well. I figure this prize will go to someone who totals over 120 points throughout the day...

    Hope to see everyone there, the venue should be SICK! Also, keep in mind that some of the best prizes that have been donated for the comp. are going to be given away as random raffles, so everyone has a chance to win some free schwag!

  5. I had been up there last Sunday after noon and it was like that so between that Saturday when all you guys where up there till Sunday afternoon is when it happened.I just had 5 trees fall down next to my house so I have invested in a 20" chain saw so if we have any more problems with trees on boulders alone it can be taken care of very easily now Jut.Has anyone been up there since the storm yet or planning on it before the weekend.Peace.

  6. Kyle,

    I believe some guys are heading into Nine tonight after work to climb...I unfortunately will not be able to join in the fun.

    Let's just keep an eye out for anyone cutting down trees because DEC will definately put an end to our climbing if it continues. Their perspective is "dead and down trees can be cut, dead and still standing and of course alive trees are against the law to cut down within the Adirondack State Park."

  7. Was there a report on the conditions of the trail/lake/campsites? I don't climb, but my friends and I have been enjoying the lake for over 10 years now. Hope it fared well. Thanks!

  8. I was up there Friday and Saturday...the storm didn't do much damage. There were a few down trees but for the most part, the trail and boulders weren't affected.