Friday, August 12, 2011

A Taste of Fall...

As any serious climbing would know...yesterday's weather was something you could only hope for.  I could barely focus on my projects here in the office because of how nice it was outside.  At lunch, I sent some text messages out to some of the guys about the possibility of a night session after the work day ended.  It turned out that everyone was thinking the same thing.

We rendevoued at the Nine Corners trailhead around 6:30 to sneak into the woods for a few hours.  The low humidity, pleasant temperature, and lack of bugs kept us climbing uch later than we anticipated.  I didn't call it a night until around 1:00 am.  Totally worth the exhaustion today!  Psyched for this weekend.

Here are some images of the crew putting work in on the Ying Yang boulder.
Had to move this little guy out of the way before the sun went down.
 Brad on "Power of Belief"
 The crew setting up base camp at the Ying Yang boulder
 Banta feeling the pinches on "Power of Belief"
 Sticking a long long off move
Kyle owning the pinches on "Power of Belief"


  1. Great time last night so worth the lack of a little sleep times like that are priceless. I will be going to snowy with nick and prbly someone else if anyone is interested Saturday Peace

  2. Kyle,
    Wish I could join in the fun at Snowy...but my "to-do" list is still pretty large for this festival so tomorrow I will be all over the caroga lake region checking in on cliffs and boulders trying to make sure things are in decent shape. Crush those Snowy slopers and huecos for me. Great session last night!

  3. I hope you dnt mind but I Printed the new flier you had recently posted about the comp. I put one up at Air and gave two out so far I had added this blog address for those seeking more details and amazing other content.I let them know a better flier would be coming out soon a bunch of regulars there were so psyched .I don't want to step on your toes and will take it down if ya want I was wondering to if you had talked to Adam "Spook" about possible sponsorship from the new gym The Edge at half moon I'm almost certain he will be in the comp as well I hope he will be.

  4. Kyle,
    awesome, keep spreading the word! I am hoping that this bouldering comp turns into an annual event itself. I am psyched to get people to all of the areas and to see everyone having fun. I have gotten more responses from companies for donations/sponsorship...we will see what comes form it all tonight. Hope snowy was good on Saturday, we hit 9 Corners pretty hard. Videos and pictures coming soon...PSYCHED!

  5. hey if there is any way I can help just let me know.I will keep spreading the word for sure.Snowy was good The Cure still eludes me but it has me psyched.lost a lot of skin trying to figure out the beta to SMAC.I don't get the grade for the stand start to the sit start difference well anyway peace.

  6. Kyle...shoot me an email @ jsanford (at) thelagroup (dot) com
    I'd like to get your email and phone number so we can coordinate for the upcoming festival. Thanks