Friday, September 23, 2011

"The Edge"- Halfmoon...Sneak Peak

This evening after work I went down to Halfmoon/Clifton Park to see the new climbing facility that is being built.  Adam has been keeping me updated with pictures throughout the construction process and had a really useful binder that he had on display at this years Southern Adirondack Rock Climber's Festival with the Rockwerx conceptual plan for the gym along with some additional images.  What I had seen before today was enough to get me really psyched for the grand opening of "The Edge"...BUT what I saw today was hard to describe.  The dude has built an entire building from the ground up to house this new climbing facility know as "The Edge".  Let's put it this way, this climbing gym is going to be THE BOMB!  Get ready to train hard, get strong, and climb some really neat walls and features!  I'm talking a free standing boulder with every angle you can image that has topouts on all sides...more climbing walls than i've ever seen in a gym, toprope stations, lead climbing walls....

Media Update...(non of the pictures I took of the lead or top rope climbing walls did them justice...this gym is going to not only a great gym for the local climbing community, but also a destination gym for anyone on the east coast looking for some insane indoor climbing!)

 The Free Standing Boulder...topouts possible on all sides
 Free Standing Boulder with the Lead Wall in the section has a stellar overhanging section for 75% of the wall, the angle steepens as you approach the top...SICK!
 The Free Standing Boulder and the feature i've dubed the Ship's Prow...can anyone say V-insane?
 Some scale to the actual size of the Ship's Prow
 The 45 degree wall on the Free Standing Boulder
Adam and Matt on top of the Freestanding Boulder getting pumped for the routes to come on the main walls

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