Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend SENDING...Continued

The Wave Boulder

Nine Corners First Ascent


  1. Damn dude, absolutely killing 9 Corners! Keep crushing

  2. Dude, nice sending once again. You have no idea how psyched this blog keeps me. :)

    Got a name for the new FA? I don't think I've ever even looked at the Monolith Boulder. Seems I need to spend more time around the corner from the Cave this season -- that's where the action is lately!

    Whip Tide is a thing of beauty by the way. It definitely looks like it climbs really well. Can't wait to get on it!

  3. There are actually a handful of climbs back in that area worth doing. All of the climbs on "The Wave Boulder" are really good, Hawaii 5.0 is a great V5 arete, Shark Attack is a powerful one move V6 on a nice overhang, Rip Curl, Rosy Cheeks...

    The Monolith boulder has Rip Curl on it...this new face climb is on the back side of the boulder. There are a few more possible boulder problems as well on the vertical face to the left of the new FA, I just haven't thoroughly checked them out.

    I was debating calling the new climb either "Point Break" after the old school surfing movie with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves or "The Perfect Storm"...not sure yet.

    "Whip Tide" is quality for sure! I have wondered for years if a climb was possible up that tall face. I am confident you will enjoy working on and sending that line.

    More videos to come later tonight!

  4. Nice blog and pics. Keep up da psych but please don't call point break old school surf. Big Wednesday is old school surf

  5. Ha ha...well "Big Wednesday" came out 8 years before I was born (1978) and I was 7 when "Point Break" came out (1991), so to me "Point Break" is old school just like McHammer, circa early 1990's. Thanks for the blog shout out!