Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend SENDING...

Quick media update....

This past weekend was absolutely perfect climbing weather.  I was able to sneak a few hours in Saturday morning before Eric Pooler's wedding and climbed all afternoon on Sunday,.  Some long standing personal projects were tackled head on, a few personal first time sends occured, and yet another FA was done at Nine Corners. 

Stay tuned for a bunch of video updates...but for now, enjoy "Instant Yoga" and "Bromance"-stand start.

PSYCHED for the coming weekend!!!


  1. Nice sends! I'm glad you got two angles on Instant Yoga -- I really need some beta to study. Good job on Bromance too, I didn't realize there was a defined stand to that problem. What grade did they give the sit?

    Can't believe we didn't run into you. Zac, Heather, and I were at Nine all day on Sunday. Ah well...

    Can't wait to hear about the FA. Keep the updates coming!

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  3. I'm not sure if there is a defined stand to "Bromance"...but I still don't stand a chance on the full sit start and have been wanting to top out that boulder problem for a VERY long time, hence the stand start. The stand start alone felt harder than anything I have done to date. Murph gave the sit start a V10 last year and it hasn't seen a repeat since. There is one distinct trianle pinch on the roof that is used for the sit start sequence that I can barely hold on to let alone make two very difficult moves off of. I wouldn't be surprised if "Bromance" is more like V11. I spent most of Sunday back by the "Wave" and "Cave" area. The FA is on the same boulder as "Rip Curl" and was initially deemed as not possible until a crucial crimp was discovered. It's another tall/technical face climb with some pretty small holds and a big move to finish. It probably weighs in around V6/V7...just needs some more repeats for verification. I'll try to get the video up tonight.

  4. what left hand u going of amigo to start?

  5. A poor left hand sidepull/edge. I have dry-fired off of it many times in past attempts. Also, it is really hard to get to this hold from the sit start...and might not even be an option. I guess I have to start hanging off of bad left hand pinches to prepare for the full sit start so I can use Murph's beta.