Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bouldering Competition Success!!!

I would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the first annual Adirondack bouldering competition!  Saturday could not have turned out any better than it did.  People from all over rendevoused at Nine Corners Lake to take to the largest developed boulderfield in the Adirondack State Park.  When the finally tally was taken at the end of the day, over 50 people had handed in scorecards for the event...WAY more than I had anticipated would attend, especially because of the weather earlier in the week.  A special thanks to everyone who helped get everything ready last minute and for helping everything go as smooth as it did.

I honestly couldn't have asked for better results...the weather was good, the boulders were dry, people were really psyched, pretty much the entire atmosphere at Nine Corners Lake was perfect.  I am confident that everyone who either participated or stopped by the see the event had a great time.  Hopefully we can do this again sometime!

Seeing some of the original developers of Nine Corners Lake spraying beta, giving spots, offering encouragement, and straight up enjoying the gathering altogether was pretty rad.  Some boulder problems that were awaiting repeat ascents were tackled head-on by energetic rock climbers...some boulder problems that were awaiting first ascents also met their demise (now I can finally get some sleep!).

PSYCHED for this fall and the next few weeks.  Good on ya!

Media Update....made possible by Schyler Duross

FA of "Whip Tide"- V8

Crew at the Fortress Boulder
Crew at the Fortress Boulder

Crew at the Lost Sugar Boulder


  1. Huge congrats buddy! Everyone I've talked to said they had great time and that the comp was just awesome. I love the pics (hope you got some vid too?), it's cool to see that many people havin a good time at Nine together. What an awesome atmosphere.

    ...and way to go on Whip Tide. I just saw the vid. Absolutely sick! It's gonna be a good fall Jut -- super psyched! :)

  2. To quote Jut, "first annual Adirondack bouldering competition". Careful what you post, because this suggests that there will be another comp next year! Killer photos, by the way.

  3. That's the game plan...already started discussions with a DEC Forest Ranger concerning another competition next year. Hoping for bigger and better!

    Andrew...Whip Tide was the highlight of my weekend! You will be psyched on it. This fall should be really good, let's get back to GB soon.

  4. This was the most fun i'd had bouldering in a very long time. Saturday night when we camped on the lake, i got a bit too drunk and repeated that thing on the backside of tower of power IN THE DARK! That was so much fun!! Such a sick problem, if only this could happen every weekend... I just cant say how much I appreciate all the work you put in Jut. It was truely terrific and i cant wait till next year! Thanks a ton!

  5. Evan,
    I was really pumped that people were climbing "Moving Meditation" on the backside of the "Tower of Power" during the competition...that thing climbs really well and went unrepeated for a long time. NICE send and even nicer follow up send that night in the dark! If this comp was any preview of what's to come this fall, it should be a stellar season! Thanks again for making it up to Nine Corners.