Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saranac Lake and the Potential for New Climbs?

Just trying to throw some gas on the fire...

Let's get out there to verify the potential.  Anyone who did make it north this past weekend, please feel free to add your thoughts/comments etc. concerning this area.

Here's what I have seen from the internet:

 The Landing for the Lean-To Site on Second Pond

 Massive Boulders along the shore of Saranac Lake

 A Large Erratic off of Route 3 in Saranac Lake compliments of J. Haas

The Topography around the Second Pond Region


  1. I've got sundays off now, lets do it.

  2. I have a wedding to go to this weekend...maybe next Sunday a trip to the north country is in order? Kirby says the rocks are larger and featured...

  3. Bing maps are awesome! In addition to all of the boulders it looks like there's a 30-40 ft cliff on the Southeast side of one of the islands.

  4. Justin-

    I might have a potential lead for you regarding second pond boulders...shoot me a message at palmer.matthewj@gmail.com and I'll pass on the few clues I have.