Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday October 25, 2011 and a Night Session at Nine Corners...

This Fall has been really tough as a climber...

In September, we saw 17 days of rain out of a 30 day month.  So far in October, there has been 13 days of rain.  So, when the wind stayed at a steady 17 mph throughout Tuesday and the weather forecast was predicting a possible 2" snowfall accumulation for this Thursday night in Caroga Lake, the crew knew they had to capitalize on the prime climbing conditions.  We hit the woods Tuesday night after work with a slew of lanterns and spotlights to make the most out of what we had.

Here is a brief media update:


  1. I must've just missed you guys, I was there all day on Tuesday.

  2. Andrew, I didn't get there until about 7:00 pm because of work...Bill mentioned that he had run into you earlier that day. Hey I sent you an email about the new areas in PA that you checked out Sunday, let me know if you didn't get the email...interested in more details. Thanks!